Apple Valley Roamers

Good Sam RV Club in Victor Valley, Southern California


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About the Club

The Purpose of the Apple Valley Roamers is to operate a social organization to promote the use and enjoyment of recreational vehicles and outdoor fellowship among members through trips and group activities. This Chapter shall maintain an attitude which is strictly non-sectarian, and non-racial, and dedicated to bringing together people interested in the ideals and principles of the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club.

Each rig owner takes a turn at being Trail Boss. The rig owner volunteers for a specific month to host an outing and will be responsible for setting the dates of the outing, selecting the outing site, making reservations at the RV park and collecting the fees for the outing.(see the Trail Boss guidelines ,under the By-Law link, for complete information.

The cost for each outing varies by what the RV Parks charges. The price for the parks varies between $30.00 and $60.00 per night. They are usually somewhere in between. The is also an additional charge per day of $2.50 per person, which is used to purchase food and coffee for breakfasts. Most of our outings are for three nights, so an example of costs would be: $40.00 per night times three nights equals $120.00, plus $2.50 per day times two persons equals $15.00, for a total of $135.00. Most of the remaining meals are at your own expense.

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Membership Requirements

The cost for membership is $25.00 per year. New members are required to submit their dues within thirty days of joining the Apple Valley Roamers. Applicants for membership must attend two outings before submitting their application, which will be voted on at the next regular meeting. All members must be members in good standing with Good Sam Club There are no special requirements for member's rigs. All members shall live in the greater Victorvalley area.

Club Bylaws